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Here at Alex Velvet, our jewelry display boxes help take your company’s brand to the next level. What better way to build customer loyalty and repeat customers than through a custom jewelry display box that is personalized with your brand’s colors and logo. We have hundreds of the latest available beautiful papers and designs to choose from to customize your jewelry display boxes. At Alex Velvet, we are firm believers in the fact that the appropriate presentation is necessary to create a lasting impression. Our luxury presentation and packaging does just that and enhances the jewelry that it is tasked to hold.


Having proudly been in business for over 30 years, we have seen the jewelry industry continue to grow and reinvent itself. At Alex Velvet, we have been able to grow with the industry continuing to reinvent our beautiful jewelry display boxes to stay modern and edgy. Our display boxes will help you maximize your product and ultimately maximize your sales. The jewelry display box that you choose is ultimately an extension of your brand and a reflection of your product. At Alex Velvet, we think outside of the box with our original designs to create jewelry box displays that will help your business stand apart from your competition. Proudly producing locally in the United States, we have been able to maintain high levels of quality boxes and commit to on-time deliveries.


We have a large variety of different jewelry display box styles to choose from ranging from the utilization of various textures and fabrics to different features like LED-lit boxes. The superior quality and workmanship used in our Alex Velvet Jewelry display box will satisfy all types of tastes through our ability to combine fashion and functionality. Whether it is an engagement or an anniversary or anything in between, our Alex velvet jewelry display boxes are perfect for any occasion.